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Our Community

Church of England Churches like St. Mary's are there to serve everybody and we do not officially have “members”. Everyone is welcome and the church has pastoral care of every single man, woman and child in the parish with an obligation to baptise, marry or conduct a funeral for anyone in the parish. This means that the church community is broad and contains a large number of infrequent worshippers who only come to certain types of service. Our challenge is to encourage more people to worship God more often.

On a day to day basis the church is run by the Vicar, Churchwarden and volunteers acting in accordance with policies adopted by the church council (known as the PCC). This PCC is the decision-making committee for the Church. It elected annually by all parishioners and currently consists of:

  • Vicar (Reverend Malcolm Ingham - see below)
  • Vivienne Baker (Churchwarden)
  • Judy Ward
  • Robin Baker(Treasurer)
  • Pam Giles
  • David Armstrong
  • Dorothy Tarry

We have one of the oldest ringable peal of 4 bells in the country. We are grateful that Graham White keeps a close eye on the working of the bells. If you are interested in joining our bell ringing community please use the Contact Form to request latest details.