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There are certain criteria which you must fulfil to be eligible to be married in a parish church. These are set nationally. In most cases, a way can be found. (If you live in the parish this entitles you to marry in the parish church anyway.) For more detailed information on the legal requirements, please see www.yourchurchwedding.org


Obviously, if one of you is a foreign national, things may get a bit more complicated but issues are often not insurmountable. Don’t forget, if we are not able to conduct the formal legalities of marriage under Church of England rules, it is probably possible for you to marry at a registry office after which we can organise a wonderful thanksgiving and blessing service which resembles the marriage service without the preliminary legal bit.


Please find below a downloadable file with an application form for getting married in one church or any of the other churches in our Benefice. There is also a booklet available for you to download with more details about the practicalities and costs of a wedding at Fawsley. For example, when considering our church for your wedding please remember that it is in a field which means access can be difficult in winter months.


Download Wedding Application Form

Download Wedding Booklet